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About Us

Who We Are: Mark founded Hillside with a mission to invest, operate, and grow one exceptional business, while fostering a successful exit and succession for existing owners.  Our approach includes taking an active role in the business to provide absolute dedication to value creation and legacy preservation.

Who We're Not: We are not private equity, nor are we your competition.  We are committed to buying one single business and serving its employees, clients, partners, and the broader community for the long-term.


The Hillside Difference



The success of the business and preservation of your legacy are top priorities. Expect complete dedication and focus on your business, not a portfolio approach.


Employees First

Relationships are paramount. We will treat your employees like family. They have been vital to your success and they will be vital to ours as well.



We understand that there is no single solution that fits every business owner’s needs. We are willing and eager to structure a transaction and succession plan that works for them.


While we evaluate each business on its own unique traits, we generally seek opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Desire for succession plan or seek reduced involvement in the business

  • Ensure long-term legacy and traditions are carried on

  • Looking to sell majority share of the business (80-100%)

  • Loyal customers & high retention levels

  • Growing industry

  • Strong middle management

  • $1.5M+ in profits for services or
    $2.5M+ in ARR for software

  • Majority recurring or repeat revenue

  • History of profitability

  • Strong margins & consistent cash flows




Meet the Team

Mark Jarvie

Entrepreneur | Operator

Professional Experience
Mark is a seasoned operator with over 15 years of hands-on, entrepreneurial and start-up experience.  Having served the Founder & CEO function for over a decade, Mark understands the dedication and hands-on approach to successful ownership.

In a senior leadership capacity, he has served companies in the lower-middle market with revenues of up to $50m.  Mark is a two-time early-stage employee (sub 25 employees), having scaled teams and operations to over 150 employees.  He has supported 12x revenue growth while building out business operations, strategic planning, and finance functions. Additional projects and accomplishments include driving gross margin improvements, implementing operational efficiencies, and successfully closing large financing rounds to support company growth.


Personal Background

Mark founded Hillside with the love and support of his wife, Aisling and their two boys.  The family currently resides in Ontario but will relocate to ensure a successful transition and continuation of the company’s legacy.

Mark’s goal of acquiring and growing a business stem from his personal experience of having founded a small landscaping business in high school, to pay for his post-secondary education.  His passion for entrepreneurship has continued throughout his professional career, and he’s looking forward to raising his children in a family business environment.

Investors & Advisors

Family Offices | Fund Investors | Individuals

Hillside has partnered with a long-term focused, group of experienced investors and entrepreneurs.  The goal is to build an enduring business that generates long term value.  Collectively, they have executed 100+ transactions and possess the capital to successfully close a deal

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Bill & Mark

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Mario Nigro


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